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I began to experiment with face painting in the early 80s. doing basic cheek art with limited supplies for family picnics and parties where I worked. It was just a pastime then, an outlet for my creative urges that needed a way out. In 1984 I moved to this country and started doing face painting for the private parties of friends and neighbors. I became more serious about this art after moving to Madison in 2003, when I discovered a face painting application on my first I-Pod, which lead me to a series of YouTube videos of well-known face painting artists. After watching many videos, a whole new concept of face painting materialized before my eyes and I knew I had to grow my hobby into a business. Little by little I started to paint for some non-profit groups that knew me and trusted me. I finally formalized my business in 2014 with the creation of an LLC that I called: MetamorFaces. I am largely self-taught, relying primarily on my creative instincts, books and instructional videos.

I grew up in Costa Rica, where I earned a bachelors’ degree from the School of Mass Communication of the University of Costa Rica. I also did graduate work at the National University, in the field of translation  and Interpretation. These two careers have served me well at my current job as a Bilingual Resource Specialist with the Madison Metropolitan School District. I have been doing this work for almost 20 years between Madison and Fairfax, VA. I find that my bilingual, bicultural background enables me to interact with a wide variety of clients and audiences. As the mother of a child with autism, I have also learned a lot about special needs kids and have had the opportunity to interact and paint the faces of many of these wonderful individuals. My clients to date, in a sense, reflect my background. They represent a broad cross-section of area non-profits, businesses, educational and religious institutions and families.

I love being a professional fantasy makeup artist. I am fascinated with the diversity of people’s faces and personalities. I enjoy continually challenging myself to learn about new techniques and materials in order to strike a balance between speed and aesthetics.

I invite you to contact me if you are interested in exploring how my unique brand of fantasy makeup can enliven your next special event, family gathering or business function.


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